Erik Bleich


With experimental spirit, this Toronto-based group propels singer/songwriter Erik Bleich’s street lit lullabies & manic romps into a dynamic fusion of Eastern European folk, alt-county & chamber pop.

Set to release their first ensemble album in 2019, the five song EP (and long awaited follow up to Bleich's 2010 LP "invisible vehicles") is a vulnerable song cycle built around the rises and falls, mental instability and quiet bliss of domestic partnership. From shared loss to personal triumphs, Bleich's intimate writing is swathed at times in murky strings, French waltzes and eerie soundscapes. The latter giving way to kaleidoscopic waves of chiming glockenspiel, trumpet fanfare and lush swells of accordion, violin, and battered guitar.

The group, grown out of a nearly four year residency at Graffiti's - the Kensington Market institution which closed its doors in early 2018 - features multi-instrumentalist Tristan Murphy and violinist Cassie Norton providing Bleich's earnest songs with an ever expanding palette of textures and a depth beyond his own adept capabilities.




Photographs by Alyna Paddon.